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Creating “win-win-win” situations

Every year, companies spend billions of dollars on advertising, but it doesn’t benefit the consumers or the planet in any way. Envertise is here to revolutionize the way we advertise. A way that is sustainable, wise, and directly benefits your customers. Thus, creating a win-win-win scenario.

Advertiser wins

The advertiser is happy because he gets to reach the consumers directly, their ad spend benefits the consumer & the planet, that enhances brand’s image & loyalty.

Consumer wins

The retailer / consumer is happy because he/she gets free reusable bags. The brand cares about him/her and cares about the environment too.

Environment wins

The environment is happy because there is less pollution, more reuse and even when the bags are disposed off, they are biodegradable.

Connecting sustainable and eco-conscious brands with their admirers and prospects in the most eco-friendly way! Come join the club.

Be an Envertiser!

For Advertisers

Your brand in their hands!

  • Brand exposure while saving on costs.
  • Advertise while saving the planet.
  • Longer bag life offers higher visibility.
  • Witness your money make real impact.
  • Customized regional coverage.

Let’s put your brand in your customer’s hands. Each time the receiver carries your bag 20+ people see it on an average. The bag can be used for 50+ times thus offering visibility to thousands of potential customers. Envertise to create a bond with your customers while saving the environment.

For Retailers

Get free bags for your customers.

  • No more paying for bags.
  • Environment friendly, less pollution.
  • Preserve planet for future generations.
  • Get to know the brands that care.
  • Convenience of durable bags.

Every year, people use and discard 700 plastic bags per head on average, yet only 1% of these are recycled, causing the landfill. By joining the “envertise community,” you can now save money while protecting the environment. Get free eco-friendly shopping bags to give to your customers.

How does advertising impact the environment?

Promoting products and services is crucial for businesses to survive and thrive in today’s competitive environment. However, conventional advertising can have both direct and indirect impacts on the environment. Since we’re amid the climate crisis… Read More

Why is sustainable advertising important?

As consumer behavior is changing due to their concern for the environment, sustainable and responsible advertising is not an option but is essential not only to preserve our planet but also to meet consumers changing preferences. Corporations… Read More

Is envertising effective?

Some consumers may find traditional advertising intrusive and unhelpful, particularly if the ads are not relevant to their interests or do not help them in any way. In contrast, other forms of advertising, such as ‘envertising” is more effective in reaching audiences while directly benefitting… Read More

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We had a great experience envertising with Envertise! They are an amazing team and helped us reach potential customers while saving the environment, what else could we ask for !
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We had an event and we wanted to do something for the environment, envertise team helped us organize this.

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Envertise has a large distribution network that no other agency could offer us. This was a huge plus and we look forward to working with such a great team again in future.
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We launched our global brand and wanted to connect with customers in the eco-friendly way, envertise made it possible. Thanks a lot.

Why is Eco-Friendly Advertising a Better Option?

Companies can’t stop advertising as advertising is an essential part of modern business, helping companies promote their products and services to a wider audience. However, traditional advertising methods such as billboards, flyers, and promotional materials can have a negative impact on the environment, contributing to waste, pollution, and carbon emissions. Here are some of the ways conventional advertising impacts the environment and why a more sustainable option is required.

Waste Generation : Another concern with traditional advertising is the amount of waste it generates. Promotional materials such as
flyers, brochures, and roll-ups often have a short lifespan and are quickly discarded, contributing to waste accumulation and pollution. This can have a destructive effect on the environment, leading to landfill buildup and the release of harmful chemicals into the environment.

Resource Consumption: The production process of traditional advertising materials can also consume a significant amount of resources, such as plastic, adhesive, electricity, paper, and ink. This can result in increased deforestation, water and energy consumption, and CO2 emissions.

Energy Consumption: One of the primary environmental impacts of traditional advertising is the high energy consumption required to
produce and operate billboards, neon lights, and other promotional materials. The manufacturing of traditional advertising collaterals such as flyers, brochures, and roll-ups also consumes a significant amount of energy. This results in a significant increase in carbon emissions, contributing to climate change.

Chemical Pollution: Large amounts of the printing ink and adhesives used in the manufacturing of traditional advertising materials can
contain harmful chemicals that can leach into the soil and waterways, contributing to ecological dangers.

Visual Pollution: Traditional advertising can also contribute to visual pollution in several ways, detracting from the natural
beauty of landscapes and cityscapes. This can lead to a negative impact on tourism, as well as harm local ecosystems and wildlife.

Eco-Friendly Bag Advertising: A Better Option

Fortunately, there are eco-friendly alternatives to traditional advertising that can help minimize the environmental impact of promotional materials. Eco-friendly bag advertising is a sustainable and resource-efficient option that can be just as effective at promoting products and services while minimizing environmental impact.

Envertise Eco-friendly bags are made from sustainable materials such as biodegradable materials & plant-based inks, helping to reduce waste and carbon emissions. Unlike traditional advertising materials, eco-friendly bags can be reused multiple times, minimizing waste, and reducing the need for additional resources.

Eco-friendly bags can also be customized with a company’s branding and messaging, making them an effective and eco-friendly alternative to traditional advertising materials. By using eco-friendly bags, companies can promote their products and services in a way that is both effective and sustainable, reducing their environmental impact and contributing to a more sustainable future.

The environmental impact of traditional advertising cannot be overlooked. From energy consumption and waste generation to resource consumption and chemical pollution, traditional advertising methods can have a significant negative impact on the environment. However, by adopting more sustainable practices such as eco-friendly bag advertising, companies can promote their products and services while minimizing their environmental footprint. By making the switch to eco-friendly bag advertising, companies can reduce waste, carbon emissions, and resource consumption, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

If we want to save the planet, then it is very important to consider alternative, more sustainable methods of publicizing such as digital advertising options offered by Steeright Europe B.V and similar organizations and eco-friendly materials such as reusable bags offered by Envertise.  

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