Envertising: Eco Friendly Advertising, You have the Power to Save the Planet!

Some consumers may find traditional advertising intrusive and unhelpful, particularly if the ads are not relevant to their interests or do not help them in any way. In contrast, other forms of advertising, such as ‘envertising” is more effective in reaching audiences while directly benefitting them and the environment.

We are in the middle of the climate crisis and to save the plant we must act now to make every industry sustainable. Advertising through reusable bags is an effective marketing strategy that is both eco-friendly, cost-effective and helps build connection with the consumers. By printing your company’s logo or your custom regional or global message on reusable bags, you can create a walking advertisement that can be seen by many people over a long period of time due to the reusability and extensive lifespan of the bags. The bags can be distributed in any city, region or globally across an extensive network of “envertise retailers community”. Reasons why Envertise can be your best partner for this task:

High-quality reusable bags: Envertise bags are reusable, beneficial, and biodegradable. The bags are durable and can withstand daily wear and tear. Each bag is manufactured keeping quality, consumer requirements and environment in view. This will ensure that your advertisement stays visible for a long time while preserving the environment and helping the consumers in real time.

Wide Distribution Network: Leverage on the extensive distribution network of envertise. We assist in distributing your reusable bags in any city, region or across the world. We have a large envertise retailer’s community that would love receiving and giving away your bags to the consumers. This will help you reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness. The bags are given to the customers FOC; your potential customer will appreciate receiving free reusable bags.

Net Zero Branding : You can send your own attractive and eye-catching bag design and message or can ask for our suggestions. Finally, our goal is to assist you in having your care reach your audience in the best possible way. You can use bright colors and interesting designs that will catch people’s attention or can keep the things simple to reduce the impact on environment by using less dyeing and printing materials.

Be creative: You can include teasers or coupons to encourage people to reach out to your website or store by offering them incentives such as discounts, coupons, or special offers.

Thus, advertising through envertise can be a great way to promote your brand while creating a connection with your customers, demonstrating your commitment to the environment and contributing to a sustainable future. Advertising through these environment friendly bags is a step forward towards net zero advertising and will definitely play an important role in saving the planet.

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